Homoeopathy is a science of healing that is based on scientific, logical and fixed doctrines and principles. Currently, this mode of therapeutics is the most desired mode of treatment because of its distinctive features such as permanent cure, sweet medicines, risk-free and gentle treatment, absence of side effects, etc. The popularity of Homoeopathy has increased as it is considered to be the most nontoxic mode of treatment, as the treatment is free from the production of any dreadful effects. Yes, it is an accepted and proved fact that Homoeopathy fails to produce any side effects. There are several aspects of Homoeopathy explaining the absence of production of adverse effects via the Homoeopathic treatment.

Medicines used in Homoeopathy are derived from natural sources such as plants, animals, minerals, nosodes, sarcodes, etc. These natural sources fail to possess any chemicals, drugs or artificial additives and hence do not generate any side effects. The content obtained from these natural sources are subjected to the process of potentisation (a process through which Homoeopathic medicines are prepared), where the ingredients are diluted to such a great extend that there are only miniscule amounts of the original drug substance remaining in the homoeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines are energy, which contain no material substance in them. Hence, they are not dangerous for use. Homoeopathy is a harmless and a well-tolerated mode of treatment useful in people of all age groups.

The doses used for the Homoeopathic treatment are minute and infinitesimally small. The action of the medicine takes place through the quality of the dose and not the quantity of the dose. These minute doses act on boosting the immune system thus, increasing the resistance of an individual. Hence, alike the other systems of therapeutics, Homoeopathy utilizes small doses. Usage of minute doses too, is another reason for failure to generate any side effects. Even if the medicines are given in a large dose, remedies this dilute give rise to no harmful effects.


However, it must always be kept in mind that Homoeopathic medicines should always be strictly taken under the supervision of a qualified Homoeopathic physician.

Wrong selection of medicine, dose, potency or repetition can convert the curable disease into an incurable disease. Hence, prescription by a Homoeopathic physician is necessary. Treatment through Homoeopathy fails to produce any adverse effects only when Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed as per the principles of Homoeopathy. If the principles of Homoeopathy are not followed then, there is no assurance of safety or cure; else, Homoeopathy is a harmless science of therapeutics.

Effects of medicines used in Homoeopathy are well known prior to its administration in a suffering individual through, the process of drug proving. Hence, even before prescribing the medicine, the physician is already aware as to what changes the medicine shall produce in the patient. Therefore, without any fear of origin of adverse effects and by adopting the principles of Homoeopathy, a qualified Homoeopath can prescribe the medicine. Homoeopathic medicines do not produce any dangerous effects even in pregnant or breastfeeding females. However, self-medication is highly restricted in Homoeopathy.