Kalium Phosphoricum is used in the treatment of diseases affecting the nervous system. It is also beneficial in the management of psychological disorder such as anxiety and depression.


Kalium Phosphoricum is a chemical compound containing potassium and phosphoric acid. It is commonly used in the treatment of several diseases. Potassium phosphate is naturally present in the tissue fluids of the nerve cells and the brain. It helps to enhance the functions of these organs. This medicine produces a favorable influence on the functions of the nervous system. It can be used to treat nervous exhaustion. It improves the functions of the autonomic nervous system, particularly the nerves in the gastrointestinal system called the splanchnic nerve. It also acts as a cardiac tonic.


A regular use of Kalium Phosphoricum can provide the body the basic constituent in the Nissle’s granules present in the neurons of the brain and other intracellular matter. It supports the normal structure and functions of the nucleic acids, RNA and DNA. Kalium Phosphoricum acts as an alkaline phosphate buffer for the intracellular fluids while its acidic part severs as a phosphate buffer. It also helps to maintain the electrical excitability of the muscles and nerves.


  • Mental Fatigue
  • Overexertion
  • Anxiety


Patients can take 1 to 4 tablets of Kalium Phosphoricum one to four times a day. It should be taken by placing the tablets under the tongue and allowing them to dissolve. These sublingual tablets dissolve easily and allow for the absorption of the medication into the body. Children can be treated with a dose of two tablets three times a day.


Kalium Phosphoricum is used for treating anxiety and depression. It can prevent nervous exhaustion by strengthening the nerves.

Neurological disorders

Kalium Phosphoricum can also produce a favorable effect on the nervous system. It can protect the nerve cells and brain against the degenerative changes and oxidative damage thus restoring their normal functions. It acts as a neuroprotective agent and prevents weakness of nerves. It soothes and calms the nerves thus preventing their hyperactivity. This action is beneficial in the management of migraine. (1)

It can regulate the secretion of hormones in the brain thus preventing depression, anxiety, mood swings, and other symptoms caused due to their imbalance. Kalium Phosphoricum is used for treating mental fatigue of severe intensity. It is recommended for the patients who suffer from mental and physical weakness. They have an aversion to talking or answering questions. It is also used to treat apprehensive anxiety that usually occurs in the evening in bed, or at night. Patients who suffer from anxiety about the future, after eating, about his health, and salvation can also use this remedy for relieving the symptoms.

The use of Kalium Phosphoricum is recommended for the management of hypochondriacal moods. The other indications of this medicine include confusion of mind, delirium, and irritability. It can reduce anxiety and prevent hyperactive behavior associated with the abnormalities in the nervous system.


There are no known side effects of Kalium Phosphoricum.