Homoeopathy is a science, which is surrounded by several myths and misconceptions. One is unaware regarding the facts behind homoeopathy hence, failing to accept this system of healing art as the first choice of treatment.

Some of the myths and misconceptions enfolding Homoeopathy are as follows:

Homoeopathy is slow acting

This is untrue that the Homoeopathic medicines take a long time to cure. In Homoeopathy, time is required to cure the disease completely from the root cause or origin. Patients come for Homoeopathic treatment after they have tried all forms of treatment and after the disease has progressed to greater extents producing immense damage to the human being. To reverse this pattern of destruction into order, it does usually take longer duration. People who resort to Homoeopathic treatment at the start of their complaints take lesser time to acquire results. Hence, Homoeopathy is not a slow acting mode of therapeutics.

Homoeopathy helps only in chronic cases, not in acute cases

Homoeopathy works in chronic as well as in acute diseases. In acute diseases, the peculiar symptoms are gathered and a suitable Homoeopathic medicine is prescribed giving rise to cure. On the contrary, quicker results are observed in acute conditions. Homoeopathy can effectively cure chronic as well as acute cases.

Homoeopathy is an unproved science

Homoeopathy is a proved science. It is based on several scientific and logical principles, theories and doctrines. It is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data. Efficacy of homoeopathic medicines has extensively proved their efficacy in a huge range of conditions. There is sufficient clinical data to prove the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicine. All the principles are based on sound experimental data.

Homoeopathy medicines are sweet pills producing placebo effect

Homoeopathic medicines do not produce placebo effect and do produce cures. The white sugar pills in which the Homoeopathic medicine is dispensed have no medicinal value. They act as a vehicle to the alcohol-based medicine. Homoeopathic medicine have been scientifically proved effective in several conditions thus, they are not placebos. Clinical trials are conducted to prove the efficacy of Homoeopathic dilutions thus, proving their effectiveness.

Diabetic patients cannot consume homoeopathic medicines

Diabetic patients can consume homoeopathic medicines. The sugar globules in which the homoeopathic medicines are dispensed are made of sacrum lactose. They sugar content present in the number of sugar pills consumed daily as medicine is quite low and does not add to even one small teaspoon. Hence, they fail to increase any blood sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients can safely take these medicines. Homoeopathic medicines can also be administered in water.

There are many dietary restrictions to be followed while taking Homoeopathic treatment

There are no dietary restrictions advised in Homoeopathy. Consumption of onions, strong coffee, tobacco, and garlic or alcohol intake is limited as they interfere with the action of the Homoeopathic medicine. Research has shown that if these substances are taken in moderation and a significant gap is maintained between them and the medicine then, these substances fail to produce any effect on the efficacy of the Homoeopathic medicine. Hence, there is no need to follow any dietary restrictions while taking Homoeopathic treatment.

Homoeopathic medicines contain steroids

Homoeopathic medicines fail to contain any steroids. These medicines are claimed to be slow acting hence when Homoeopathic medicines act faster in acute conditions, it is assumed that the physician is using steroids for quick results. Suitable Homoeopathic medicine can bring about rapid cure; it does not require the need of any steroids to bring about quick and effective cure. Homoeopathic medicines when tested in laboratory have failed to show the presence of any steroids.

Investigations are not required in Homoeopathy

Investigations are required in Homoeopathy to determine the prognosis of the disease and treatment. Investigations help in judging the proper management and follow up of the case.

Homoeopathy can treat any disorder and is a ‘magic remedy’.

Homoeopathy cannot treat all disorders. Similar to all fields of therapeutics, homoeopathy too, is a healing science, which has certain limitations. Homoeopathy fails to act in few disorders. It fails to bring about cure in irreversible pathological cases. Homoeopathy fails to cure dental cases, fractures, surgical cases, etc. Homoeopathy is no ‘magic remedy’.

Allopathic or any other medications cannot be taken along with Homoeopathic medicines

This is untrue especially when the patient is on ‘life saving drugs’. These life saving drugs cannot be abruptly discontinued as it may result in sudden increase of symptoms and may at times prove fatal. Hence, it is advisable to gradually reduce the dosage of the allopathic medicine as improvement starts and then eventually stop them, to prevent any deterioration of the condition. Hence, allopathic or any other medications can be taken along with Homoeopathic medicines, in consultation with the physician.

All Homoeopathic medicines are same

No Homoeopathic medicines are same, though they look alike in appearance, but they differ in their qualities. The white sugar pills used to dispense these medicines are alike hence, the impression that all homoeopathic medicines are alike. The medicine dispensed differs. Homeopathic medicine is selected on the basis of the symptoms expressed by the patients, which differs from patient to patient. Hence, different medicines are dispensed in all cases, as per the requirement.

Homoeopathic medicines initially aggravate the condition

After the homoeopathic medicine is taken, there are chances of a slight aggravation of the symptoms resulting but this occurs along with the general well being of the patient. This indicates the occurrence of curative action. The aggravation is so slight that generally it goes unnoticed. The slight aggravation lasts only for a very small duration. Hence, there is nothing to worry. Certain symptoms that were previously suppressed with non-Homoeopathic medicines may come on the surface to be cured with the Homoeopathic medicines. These symptoms may be considered as aggravations.

Hopefully, the plethora of myths surrounding the scientific system of Healing Homoeopathy has been cleared. Thus, it is enabling you to understand the science of Homoeopathy in a better way.